February 2020 Fit Hive Updates

Feb 4, 2020

 by Joe Hazah

FitHive's Newest Update Is Now Live!

Hey FitHive Fam! We're excited to announce that our newest update is now live. Please take a look at each of them below then jump in your Hive to test them out yourself.


Color Code Schedule and Appointments

You can now add a different color for each class type or appointment type. This makes it easier for you while creating your schedule as well as easier for members to view them. To select what box color and text color, go to Settings >> Class Schedule >> Classes Available >> Select Class


By editing this, you will be able to differentiate classes by color.

Full Opaque Color = Active with attendees

Semi-Transparent Color = active no attendees


This feature also works for Appointments. Go to Settings >> Appointments >> Appointment Types >> Select Appointment Type (ie. 6 Week Challenge) 


Text Segments

This update allows you to view how many segments your text will be sent in. If it’s over 160 characters you’ll be able to easily view this and edit your text if needed. Texts still can be sent over multiple segments but if you do not want that to be the case you will be able to view this easily while creating the text. 

Go to Communicate >> Send Mass Texts >> Create Message




Class Schedule Blocks

You can now select a block time and set a specific class to auto-fill the block as well as adding a buffer. This allows you to create classes much easier than doing it manually 1-by-1. 

Step1. Drag your mouse over a block of time you want to fill with classes

Step 2. Checkbox - Fill selected block with multiple times

Step 3. Edit Duration/Length & Buffer

Step 4. Calculate



View A Members Programs

You can now view what program(s) a specific member is enrolled in. Alongside Maxes/PRs, Measurements, Progress Photos…. a Programs tab has been added. You can see what program they’re enrolled in, the start date as well as what day of the program they’re on. 

People (CRM) >> View Everyone >> Select User >> Records >> Programs


Mass Tagging

We updated the mass tagging to give you the ability to limit the number of users you want to tag as well as randomize it. This comes in handy when a scenario would come up of having a list of 1,000 users but you don’t want to tag or retag all of them. You would select 250 of those users (randomly or not) to retag, to create a new list or target group.  

Go to People CRM >> View Everyone >> Sort/Filter >> (select filter parameters) >> Batch Tools >> Tag >> Set Limit (Choose Randomize if desired) 



Unread Text Automation

This feature will notify an admin when there is an unread inbound text in your Hive. This will be an email notification that is run every hour. The best practice is to stay on top of responses when you can by logging into your Hive and checking your 2-Way texts. As you get busy and have to step away, you will be notified if you have a response waiting for you. 



Blog Post Image

This update allows you to select the image that will show with your blog shared to Facebook. You can use the blog header image or select a new image you’d like to display to help you get more engagement and views on your blog. 

Go to Website >> Create Blog Post >> Add Post >> Select Image URL




We hope you enjoy all of the features above as we strive to provide you with the best gym software available. If you'd like to learn more about any of these new features or have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at success@myfithive.com. As always, thanks for being a part of the FitHive Family!

- The FitHive Team