New Update - Restricted Admin Permissions

Feb 17, 2020

 by Joe Hazah



This new feature has been heavily requested and we're excited that it is now pushed live to your Hive.  You'll be able to set up different roles and then choose the access for each one of those roles. Feel free to create as many roles as you'd like for your business. 


How to get started:


Step 1 - Click settings

Step 2 - Select user roles 


Step 3 - Add role

Step 4 - Name role 

Step 5 - Select permission

Once you have your roles created and permissions granted for each role you can assign an admin at your gym those permissions. Any user assigned to a role will be excluded from being able to edit roles, change/set a user's role or create/edit admin users. See the next set below on assigning. 



Add a roll to staff:


Step 1 - Select people (CRM) / View Everyone

Step 2 - Search for a user

Step 3 - Select user

Step 4 - Edit user

Step 5 - Check admin box

Step 6 - Select role


With these steps, you have now created new roles and assigned the needed roles to your staff. All the permission levels can be customized on individual bases or per the role created. As always let us know if you have any questions by emailing