Text Message Response Best Practices

Feb 3, 2020

 by Sunny Stuart

Text Message Responses

Feb 3rd, 2020

Article Overview

We’ve created this document as a guide to help navigate our re-engagement campaigns with text message responses and sales tactics. IN MOST CASES this is your first impression, MAKE IT A GOOD ONE. There’s a difference between responding and engaging. 


Just because someone said “Yes” they’re interested doesn’t make them a customer. There has to be some sort of engagement to get them excited to make it in, help you stand out and solidify the deal. When you launch a campaign make sure you put yourself in their shoes for their journey. As good as you think your product or service is, they have no idea.

A Few Scenarios 

You launch a campaign the person receives the text during a phone call, a meeting, bathroom break, at a stoplight, checkout stand, or any scenario where the potential customer isn’t free. You know how busy people are it’s rare to catch someone not in the middle of something nowadays. 


Create some compelling engagement, open-ended questions to get them excited. Always keep top of mind that the lifetime of this potential customer could be worth thousands for your business. Is this worth asking a few engaging questions? Pro Tip: Try making a friend! Look at who your customer base is now...I bet a majority of them are friends, family or friends because they're part of the gym now. 


Someone responds “Yes I’m interested” “how much?” “When are the class times?” ***All buying questions. 

Bad response(s): When do you want to come in? Just sending a link to schedule. Just responding “4:30, 5:30, 6:30 pm” or just responding with the price and that’s it. 

Good response(s): Great! So we have 3 open times for this promotion. Would you rather come in at 8am, 4pm or 6:30 pm for your first session? If you can make it, I think you’d love our 6:30 pm, the energy is awesome, most of them are beginners and our evening coach is amazing! 

The cost of our program is $199 for 28 days. With that you’ll get semi-private training, a custom meal plan just for you, stretching videos you can view at home, access to our mobile app for tracking progress, accountability, mindset coaching, and a big group of like-minded people to help you. Would you like to come to our class tonight at 5pm, 6pm or tomorrow at 7am, 5pm or 6pm? 


When you engage with questions you are giving off a few signals...1. YOU CARE 2. You're not just trying to sell them 3. You're friendly 4. You're trustworthy

What is your fitness experience?

What kind of interval training have you done in the past?  

Great! What fitness goals have you set for 2020? 

Do you currently have a gym membership? Where? How’s it helping you reach your goals? 

What do you struggle with most with fitness? Nutrition, accountability, injuries, motivation, too busy? 

Have you been to any other gyms in town? What was your experience? 

What has stopped you from achieving your goals? 

Then...Empathize and be the authority!

***Notice every one of these questions requires more than a Yes or NO answer. Now in a perfect world, they’d respond right away, come in for their first class, sign up for a year membership, bring 12 of their best friends and life would be amazing...There will be these people, but more times than not, you'll message them your first question and they won't respond...Here's where the follow-up play comes into play. 

Follow Up Scenarios:

I come from the philosophy that you follow up until you get a YES...If they say no, this just means right now it isn't right. If I had a Nickle for every time someone told me no and I followed up in a month, 2 months, 6 months and they said yes...I'd have at least $3-5. Most of the time is just a matter of timing. Most people just follow up with something like “Hey Janet, just following up to see if you’re still interested in our service?”. Now, that’s 100% better than never following up that’s for sure! However, let’s just be a bit more intentional. “Hey Janet, I hope you’re doing well! I had to reach out because one of our members just hit their weight loss goal of 8 lbs for January. I know you said you were looking to lose 15 lbs by June. We are offering 12 passes for our 30 days for $30, are you interested in one of our passes? Just reply “YES” and I’ll put your name on one of them. I’ll follow up by Friday if I don’t hear back and if we still have any passes left! Have a great week!”

PRO TIP: Always end a text or email with "I'll touch base in a few days if I don't hear back" THIS PROVOKES AN ANSWER! If you always say this, it's a subtle way of telling them I'm going to keep following until I get an answer. It's no annoying or desperate, just the truth.