7.15.19 Updates!

Jul 9, 2019

 by Donny Mangingin

Hello Hivers!

As mentioned in our announcement email, this next round of updates is so big we wanted to give it its own blog post so that we could provide you with enough information to adequately cover everything. So, let’s dive right into the new features that are now LIVE.

You now have the option to set up blog posts to go live on specific dates, which gives you the flexibility to create them weeks/months in advance. When setting up a blog, simply select the date you want to go live from the Post Date field and you’re all set!


There are 3 new automations that will send out notifications to your FitHive/admin email, instructor email, and user email when someone registers for a class. We have also added an .ics plugin that enables the member to sync the class they registered for to their Google and/or Apple calendars.

To enable these automations, go to Communicate >> Automate Emails / Texts >> Registrant Signup Class. As you’ll notice, there are 3 Registrant Signup Class options, which can be differentiated by Recipient / When Sent.


This update gives you the option to decide whether or not a phone number is required for a basic contact form. As a reminder, this particular form is pre-built and can be added to a webpage by clicking Add Section, then choose Contact Form from the available content widgets. Once the contact form has been added, click Edit, then select Yes/No from the Require Phone drop down.

We have also patched in a fix that will provide you with the phone number on the notification email you receive when the contact form has been filled out.


The membership self-signup link is now available for existing users/leads in your Hive to use, which gives them the ability to sign up for a membership outside of your gym. Once a membership has been enabled with a self-signup link you can include it in emails, drip campaigns, and form redirects to provide them with a convenient way to sign up for it.


You can now extend how far out a user is able to book an appointment. Prior to this update, a user was only able to see appointment availability up to 10 days in advance. To extend your appointment availability, go to your Settings >> General Settings >> scroll down to the Appointment Settings section >> provide the number of days you’d like to extend.


We have added a new automation that will notify the admin/instructor when a member uploads a progress picture to their profile. The notifications are sent out via email, which you can enable by going to Communicate >> Automate Emails / Texts >> Fitness >> User Added Progress Photo. As you’ll notice, there are 2 User Added Progress options, which can be differentiated by Recipient / When Sent.


This highly requested update now allows you to bulk add users to any drip campaign. Prior to this update, contacts had to be added through a form or manually 1-by-1, but with the bulk add option you can add them based off tags or membership status. Simply click on the Bulk Add tool in the Recipients section of your drip campaign to use this feature.


You can now choose to make a class private, which prevents it from being seen on your publicly viewable class schedule. This was added to give the gyms who offer 1-on-1 training, private group classes, etc. the ability to control who signs up for a specific class that is not open to the general public.

To create a new private class, go to Settings >> Class Schedule >> Classes Available >> Add Class >> use the fields to set it up >> check the box next to Private Event. You can then add this class to your class schedule.

To make an existing class private, go to Schedule >> Schedule Classes >> select the class you wish to make private >> Edit >> check the box next to Private Event.

Please note that since private classes won’t be publicly accessible that you will need to either manually register users or send them the direct link to the class.


We’ve updated the to-do list in your FitHive Dashboard to include due dates that will turn red if they have not been marked as completed by the assigned date. This is a great way to track and ensure that your gym’s day-to-day tasks are being completed on time.

For those that are unfamiliar with the to-do list, go to your Dashboard >> To Do List >> use the fields to add the task and assign a due date >> +Add.


Another feature that has been highly requested, members will now be able to print off .PDF copies of their available meal plans. To do so, they will first need to log into their account on a computer that is hooked up to a printer >> Nutrition >> Meal Plans >> select the plan >> Print. Please note that this is currently not an option through the mobile app.


This update allows you to use tokens in the subject line, as well as customize your logo and base(background)/primary colors of the emails you send from your Hive.

To add a token to your subject line, simply copy it from the Token Reference section of the Message builder and paste it in the Email Subject field when creating a new email and the corresponding info (first/last name, user ID) will auto-fill once the email has been sent.

To customize the logo and base/primary colors of your emails, go to Settings >> Email Settings >> then make your desired changes.


Similar to the email update, you can now customize the primary and foreground (used for text/elements displayed on the primary color) colors in your mobile app. To do so, go to Settings >> Mobile App >> then use the Primary Color / Primary Color Foreground dropdowns to make your desired color selections accordingly.


We’ve added a new field to the user’s profile that will show you when their membership was first activated. To access this, go to People (CRM) >> View Everyone >> select a user >> and their membership start date will be under Member Since.

This update opens up the door for us to build a reporting system that will notify you of a member’s anniversary, which gives you the chance to acknowledge them on their special day. More info on this to come!


You can now access our Support Area directly from your Hive by clicking on the question mark icon to the upper right hand of your dashboard. This section is packed with tons of support articles and training videos to help you become more familiar with all of the features at your disposal.


As we strive to provide you with the best gym management software in the world your feedback along the way is vital in helping us reach this goal. We understand that the release of so many new features can take time familiarizing yourself with each of them so we ask that you please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. FitHive succeeds only when the gyms we partner with succeed and, to put it bluntly, we hate failure, so we’ll continue to do everything in our power to set you up for as much success as possible. After all, we can only become the best software in the world by working with the best gyms in the world.


As always, thank you SO MUCH for being a part of the FitHive community. We can’t wait to show you what else we have in store for you!


-The FitHive Team