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Why Brute Strength?


  • Combined For Over 100 years Coaching
  • 30+ CrossFit Coaching Certifications
  • 10+ Bachelor’s Degrees
  • 5 USAW Certified Coaches
  • 5 Olympic Weightlifting Championships
  • Over 100 CrossFit Games Athletes



Your coaches will continually develop through the "Daily Coaches Notes" provided with the program. They will not only get the "Why" behind the movement but also "How" to coach the movement.



By taking programming and coaching development off your plate, you will have more time to focus on other areas of your business.



At the end of the day your business is based around results. Yes you want a nice gym, yes you want a community for your members, but the most important aspect is are they seeing results and are they having fun! This program will make sure you keep your members coming back for more.

What you get

Ready To Go Programming

A program built for maximum results and maximum variety. Workouts combine high-powered functional movements with a variety of strength, weightlifting & conditioning. 

Coaches Notes

You will get detailed explanations for every part of the workout for every single day. Your coaches will know exactly how to coach this program and will also help them develop their skills.  

Coaching Support

If you have questions about the program we will be here to answer them. We want to make sure this program works for you and your members.

Choose how you want the program delivered 

(Not limited to one)

PDF Access

Instant access to the entire month of programming

Wod Calendar

We'll add the program each month to your WOD calendar

live program

We'll add the live program to your Hive to allow members to access it from your app

connect a leaderboard

Add a leaderboard to your WOD Calendar to allow member to post results


Daily emails

The following day's workout (including coaches' notes) will be sent each night to you and/or your coaches.

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Meet Andrew Chicoine 

(Lead Programmer)

Owner/Head Coach of Red Stick Health + Performance 

Brute Strength Coach
CrossFit L2
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Running

I am the head coach and owner of Red Stick Health+Performance in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I have owned my affiliate for 10+ years and have programmed for my athletes every year with an exception of a 6 month period where i attempted to outsource my programming. This attempt helped me understand and value that what I was doing was working and my people loved it, so i quickly switched back. 

I was active duty coast guard from 2003-2007 and immediately after my obligation was complete i began working in the “globo gym” setting. While this job was terrible I learned how to hustle and it lead me to eventually getting my l-1 in 2010 in an attempt to learn more and charge more per hour as a personal trainer. The l-1 had such an impact on me that i quit my job and began training clients and friends out of my garage using crossfit as my training methodology and the rest is history.

Being a Brute Strength Coach in addition to owning my gym has helped me sharpen my sword. Being around others that have so much knowledge and passion has helped me learn and up my game.

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