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Set your Gym apart with Registered Dietitian Service

Retain Members

Dietitians help gym members succeed at their goals, making them more likely to stay long-term members.

Added Revenue Source

Dietitians create an additional non-dues revenue source that puts more money in your pocket.

Increase Credibility

Stand out from your competitors and increase your club’s credibility and expertise in the health and wellness space.

A done-for-you Registered Dietitian services at no cost to employees and clients, while paying out quarterly revenue-sharing commissions to our gym partners.


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Have you considered nutrition coaching or struggling to build and grow a nutrition coaching program in your gym from scratch?

Save TimeAre you looking to save time when building a nutrition program in your gym?

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Streamlined Process - Are you looking for a streamlined system to manage your nutrition coaching clients?

Help More Clients - Are you looking to help more nutrition clients reach their goals in less time?

Ongoing Support - Are you looking for ongoing support to grow a professional nutrition coaching program in your gym?

Done For You - Are you struggling with creating nutrition content?

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Gym Boom has cracked the code on providing a “Done-For-You” Registered Dietitian (RD) Service that is compensated by insurance providers, allowing Gym Boom to provide these services at no cost to your gym’s members.

What We Are Doing:

We are providing Registered Dietitians (RDs) to gyms to conduct Medical Nutrition Therapy sessions via telehealth. The 1-1 service is reimbursed by health insurance companies under preventative care stipulations in the Affordable Care Act. Our telehealth visits are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) which provides protection to sensitive, confidential health information regarding all of our clients.


How It Works:


Gym Boom is offering a revenue-sharing partnership in which we will payout 5%-10% of all approved / paid receivables from the insurance companies. The average insurance billable for a RD telehealth visit ranges from $73- $151 per visit. Each RD can take up to 35 1-on-1 clients on their personal roster. This means an RD can service between $122,000 - $253,000 annually on a full schedule, including their 4 weeks of PTO.

We have a full staff of experienced medical billing & insurance verification professionals as well as a team of referral & denial experts that allow our claims to be processed timely. We also employ licensing and credentialing experts allowing us to bill all of the major insurance companies in +20 states.

Gym Boom is responsible for all insurance verification, medical billing, and compliance associated with the telehealth services. The payout to our business partners will be made on a quarterly basis.

Why Dietitians Are Important:

RDs provide a medical-grade education to their clients with a major in Dietetics and an unpaid residency of 1200 hours, which most spend in hospitals and other high-level medical fields. The RD must also pass a difficult board licensing exam to begin legally practicing as well as a background check. To be eligible to work in each state and to bill insurance companies, the RD must also be licensed by each state AND credentialed by each insurance provider. All RDs must carry liability insurance to maintain licensure. “Nutritionist” may not submit claims to insurance. As a company, we make sure all RDs are compliant with these requirements.


Gym Boom provides Registered Dietitian services to businesses at no cost to employees and clients, while paying out quarterly revenue-sharing commissions to our gym partners.

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Fulfillment for the Clients:

Gym Boom will provide proven processes, scripts, as well as fulfillment materials for our business partners. We will train in your team on how to generate leads directly onto an RD’s schedule via QR code scans. Gym Boom will also deploy regular marketing campaigns to digitally activate a gym’s member base by offering a free 60- minute session with one of our RDs.

These done-for-you email and text campaigns have been proven to generate an incredible volume of leads that want help with nutrition. We believe our long-term penetration rate can exceed 10% of a gym’s membership base, depending on local staff engagement. Our RDs are closing at +95% with all first appointments that show.

Our RDs guide clients into booking out 4 months of 45- 50 min weekly meetings as most insurance covers unlimited visits. Our retention 9 months in is +80% and there is no contract, as we are a by-appointment service. Our team of RDs and Insurance professionals will sort out all the details from there (avoid guessing who is and who is not covered). If someone is not covered by insurance, self-pay and Health Savings accounts are options to continue the work with us.

Our company believes that a successful client experience will include a trusting relationship with their RD, empowerment around who the client wants to become, goal setting & action plans, accountability on habit building, meal planning options, as well as accountability around gym/training usage. Every telehealth visit is personalized for each client.

We believe finding a client’s “Why” and who they want to become as a person will be central to their progress and success.

The Future:

Gym Boom will be licensed and credentialed in +40 states by FYE 2023. We will be launching our small group telehealth services in FY 2024 which will triple the capacity of our RDs. However, the benefits of our telehealth services far supersede just the telehealth revenue. We are seeing our gyms have an increase in higher-ticket training sales (such as personal training/semi-private personal training), and an increase in retention for all members of those participating with the RD services due to the style of coaching and empowerment that comes from the RDs to the clients. In short, our gyms are keeping more clients longer, at higher price points, so the business growth becomes more predictable and consistent. We also believe telehealth will be recession proof.

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